Individual Liveries for the VSkyLabs Douglas C-47 Skytrain in X-Plane 11

Air Berlin Christmas 2013 Repro1.0.0civDEU-View
Air Chathams ZK-AWP1.0.0civNZL-View
Aviation Boreal C-GCXD2.1.0civCAN-View
Fuerza Aerea Argentina TA-061.0.0milARG-View
Gateway Aviation CF-JWP2.1.0civCAN-View
National Aviation CF-VQV2.1.0civCAN-View
Ontario Central CF-YQG2.1.0civCAN-View
RNZAF NZ3546 by NZ Warbirds ZK-DAK1.0.0milNZL-View
US Navy 12418 "Que Sera Sera"1.0.0milUSA-View
US Navy 17197 "PROJECT HIGHJUMP"1.0.0milUSA-View
US Navy 17221 "Yankee Tiki"1.0.0milUSA-View
McBryan's C-FDTD 2018 As Purchased1.0.0civCAN-View
McBryan's C-FDTD 2018 Whole (Fictive)1.0.0fictCAN-View
McBryan's C-FDTD 2019 Restored (Fictive Silver)1.0.0civCAN-View
McBryan's C-FDTD 2019 Restored (Fictive Bare)1.0.0civCAN-View
Dakota Heritage N473DC2.1.0civUSALoL2View
Dakota Heritage N5831B2.1.0civUSALoL2View
IFL Group N5831B2.1.0civUSALoL2View
Johnson's N5831B 20022.1.0civUSALoL2View
Johnson's N5831B 20032.1.0civUSALoL2View
Keir Air Transport CF-KAZ2.1.0civCANLoL2View
McNeely Air Charter N5831B2.1.0civUSALoL2View
Pacific Coastal CF-KAZ 19782.1.0civCANLoL2View
RAF Royal Canadian Air Force TS4222.1.0milCANLoL2View
Royal Canadian Air Force 4222.1.0milCANLoL2View
Soundair C-FKAZ2.1.0civCANLoL2View
Trans Provincial CF-KAZ2.1.0civCANLoL2View
US Army Air Force 42-1008822.1.0milUSALoL2View
Arctic Outpost Camps CF-VQV by Buffalo2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Arctic Outpost Camps CF-VQV by McBryans2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Aviation Bor┬Ćeal C-FQBC by Buffalo2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Aviation Boreal C-GCXD by Buffalo2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FCUE2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FDTH2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FFAY2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FLFR 19962.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FLFR 20022.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FROD "Hot Rod"2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-FROD (ex-RCAF)2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GJKM 19892.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GJKM 20082.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GJKM 20172.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GPNR "Summer Wages"2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GRTM2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GWIR 19982.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GWIR 20092.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GWZS 19892.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GWZS 19982.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GWZS 20052.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways C-GWZS 20172.1.0civCANFoF1View
Buffalo Airways CF-FTR2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Gateway Aviation CF-JWP by Buffalo2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Hay River Air Services C-FDTB2.1.0civCANFoF1View
Nunasi Central C-FYQG by Buffalo 19962.1.0civCANFoF1View
Nunasi Central C-FYQG by Buffalo 20102.1.0civCANFoF1View
Golden Age Air Tours N341A1.2.1civUSALoL1View
Legend Airways N341A1.2.1civUSALoL1View
Pond's N132BP "Miss Angela"1.2.1civUSALoL1View
RDC Marine N14RD1.2.1civUSALoL1View
Tinsley's N32B "Boss Bird"1.2.1civUSALoL1View
Tinsley's N132BB1.2.1civUSALoL1View
US Army Air Corps 40-00701.2.1milUSALoL1View
Wings over the Rockies N341A1.2.1civUSALoL1View
Civil Aeronautics Authority N341.0.1govUSALoL4View
Federal Aviation Administration N34 19661.0.1govUSALoL4View
Federal Aviation Administration N34 19851.0.1govUSALoL4View
Federal Aviation Administration N34 20021.0.1govUSALoL4View
US Navy 998561.0.1milUSALoL4View
Beldex N180W2.1.0civUSALoL6View
Capital N21781 19482.1.0civUSALoL6View
Capital N21781 19602.1.0civUSALoL6View
Conatser's N26MA2.1.0civUSALoL6View
Mercy Airlift N26MA 19782.1.0civUSALoL6View
Mercy Airlift N180WK 19752.1.0civUSALoL6View
Parachutes Inc N26MA2.1.0civUSALoL6View
Paralift N26MA2.1.0civUSALoL6View
Pennsylvania Central NC217812.1.0civUSALoL6View
United N217812.1.0civUSALoL6View
Canadian Warplane Heritage C-GDAK 19831.0.0milCANLoL5View
Canadian Warplane Heritage C-GDAK 19941.0.0milCANLoL5View
Canadian Warplane Heritage C-GDAK 20091.0.0milCANLoL5View
Confederate Air Force NC217291.0.0milUSALoL5View
Crystal Shamrock N217291.0.0civUSALoL5View
Eastern NC217291.0.0civUSALoL5View
North Central N21729 19531.0.0civUSALoL5View
North Central N21729 19641.0.0civUSALoL5View
Purdue Aeronautics N217291.0.0civUSALoL5View
University of North Dakota N217291.0.0civUSALoL5View
EPOCH Alaska Air Cargo N378J1.0.0civUSALoL3View
EPOCH Alaska Air G-AMPY1.0.0civGBRLoL3View
EPOCH Alaska Air N47MM1.0.0civUSALoL3View
EPOCH Alaska Airline1.0.0civCANLoL3View
EPOCH Passage Aviation C-FORC1.0.0civCANLoL3View
EPOCH Worldwide Holdings N47EP1.0.0civUSALoL3View
US Marine Corps 31321.0.0milUSALoL3View
USAAF 42-92847 by AAHFM N47TB2.2.0civUSAFoF2View
D-Day75 Tribute by M McBryan C-FDTD2.1.0civCANFoF2View
Aer Lingus EI-ACD by P Adrian ZS-NTE2.1.0civZAFFoF2View
American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum N47HL2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
US Navy 50783 by AAHFM N151ZE2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 348950 by Turin N834M2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAF 43-770 by American Flight N2805J2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 2100591 by Valiant N3239T2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 315087 by Aircraft Guaranty N150D2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
RAF FZ692 by RAF BBMF ZA9472.1.0milGBRFoF2View
Pan American NC33611 by PMDG Flight2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Flabob Express N103NA2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Chalair F-AZOX by Seine Aviation Sarl2.1.0civFRAFoF2View
TransNorthern N29TN by AMHM2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 348716 by AHC N836M2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 348608 by GBG N47SJ2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Museum of Mountain Flying NC243202.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Royal Danish Air Force K-682 by FFFM OY-BPB2.1.0civDNKFoF2View
USAAF 2100884 by Aces High N147DC2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 2100882 by Dakota Heritage N473DC2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
MALEV HA-LIX by Goldtimer Foundation2.1.0civHUNFoF2View
USAF O-30665 by Dynamic Avlease N47E2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 330647 by Mission Boston N62CC2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Vintage Wings N472AF2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
USAAF 268830 by CAF N453662.1.0civUSAFoF2View
ALSib 2015 N12BA by MotAFoR RA-057382.1.0civRUSFoF2View
USAAF 224064 by Tunison N745892.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Legend Airways of Colorado N256412.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Civil Air Transport N8336C by JM Air2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
ALSib 2015 N4550J by MotAFoR RA-2944G2.1.0civRUSFoF2View
USAAF 26480 by TFLM N534BE2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Candler Field Express N28AA2.1.0civUSAFoF2View
Aerometal N181212.1.0civUSAFoF2View